Vova Lifanov, Art Director at Suprematika, Russia will be the speaker of the seminar program of Ad Black Sea 2017, which will take place on 21-23 September in Batumi. He will perform with the topic “Pride and Prejudices” and will be talking about razors and other sharp objects in the design. Ad Black Sea will unite on one platform not only creators and representatives of the worldwide advertising industry but also inspiring speakers from different scopes.

Vladimir Lifanov, Art Director, Supermatika, Russia

“An enthusiastic designer is always in a creative searching. And on the way of this quest, he does some mistakes. But it is not bad. What is bad — not to make conclusions. I am going to tell you about mine ones,” — Vova Lifanov about his speech.

For last five years, Vladimir won almost at all festivals on UIG territory and Europe: Cannes Lions, Red Dot, ADCE, Epica Awards, Golden Drum, Golden Hammer, Moscow Advertising Festival Red Apple, Kiev International Advertising Festival, Armenian Ad Festival Popok, White

Square, Idea!, Rating Runeta, Runet Award, Goldbloh, Fakestival, Identity: Best of the Best,

Logolounge trŠµnds, etc. Last year he did many design speeches, workshops, and lectured at Golden Drum, Golden Hammer, ADCR Latvia, Siteconf, Tagline, British Higher School of Art and Design, Design Weekends, so it would be an interesting journey through his experience on the Ad Black Sea 2017 seminar.

During 21-23 September in Batumi, at Sheraton Batumi Hotel, experts will share their experience and knowledge, reveal secrets, answer all of your questions and demonstrate their achievements at the seminars and workshops. You are going to be among the best creators and innovators, in the center of ideas generators destroying existing stereotypes. You defiantly will be inspired for new projects, so do not miss the opportunity to apply for accreditation!

Ad Black Sea seminar program is available on the website, the details will be published soon, so follow updates.

If you have any questions, please contact organization committee, festival@vrk.org.ua Kate Grabovska. 

See you in Batumi!




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