International advertising festival Ad Black Sea 2017 is successfully over! One of the most anticipated festivals, that is known for its warm atmosphere, and not only because of the climate of friendly Georgia, but thanks to the glowing smiles of the participants, the joy of the contest winners and the continuous flow of new ideas and inspiration.

Not for everyone the festival opened its doors on September 21. Experts of the advertising and communication industry from all corners of the world gathered in the conference halls for the judging session on the 20th. They determined the fate of the worthy works, therefore they felt tremendous responsibility for their decisions.

Georgia met its visitors with a warm sea and sunny weather. But at the end of the festival, both the weather and the Black Sea showed their true Georgian temperament.


On the first day of the festival, the number of accredited participants exceeded all the expectations of the organizers. It was a positive surprise to see tremendous number of creative folk with the thirst of knowledge. The participants were divided into two teams: pirates and noble sailors. Throughout the festival, variety of activities and competitions took place, where pirates and sailors earned their points. Eventually sailors won and claimed the trophy. 

According to the tradition, the president of the festival, Vato Kavtaradze, addressed attendees with an opening speech.The first speaker of the seminar program was Giorgi Avaliani, Creative Director of Leavingstone, Georgia, with the theme "I like boring things". The speech was accompanied by the yawning orchestra and the participants had an amazing chance to drink Chacha (Georgian Vodka) from blue “Kantsi”- Traditional Georgian drinking horn. 

Because of the rich and very interesting seminar program, conference hall was always full, even at the earliest seminars.  So the hangover was outweighed with the exceptional context of the seminar program. 

During the panel discussion, the lively interactions were born. And the listeners had a chance to take out something completely new and useful for them. 

When you immediately could tell that this is definitely an advertising festival. It gathers creative minds and brings bold solutions to life.

Learning is good, but having fun is even better! There was a lot of fun on Ad Black Sea 2017. The main feature of festivals is that everyone can meet their idol, communicate, find common points of contact, exchange contacts, and support in the competition for the title best of the best.

All parties ended up with an after-party, each after-party ended did not ended until the morning. Meeting dawn on the beach, night swimming, noisy companies, delicious Georgian cousin, alcohol, interactive program and all that you can wish for.

The parties were mixture of fun, good music, creative minds, humor, night swimming, noisy companies, delicious Georgian cousin, alcohol, interactive program and all that you can wish for.

It’s worth mentioning, that Ad Black Sea festival has a flare of the perfect holiday. It gives a chance to extend your summer for a little more and recharge your inspiration for a whole year ahead.

Everyone was waiting for an Award ceremony, to know who the trophy winners were and then drink champagne, or just drink. 

This is how Russian shelves looks like after the Ad Black Sea 2017 ceremony. 

The support that Georgian agencies had during the festival also deserves special attention. Probably the football teams would have been jealous.  

The greatest gratitude to the people, who made this festival happen and be such a success. Thanks to partners, organizers, but most importantly - thanks to everyone who managed to come: participants, jury members, speakers. And special thanks to those, who were happy, thus making us happy.

It's time to plan a trip for 2018! See you in Batumi, friends!

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