Ravid Kuperberg, partner, and trainer at Mindscapes, Israel, will be the speaker of the Ad Black Sea 2017 seminar program, which will take place on 21-23 September in Batumi, Georgia. Ravid will perform with the seminar subject `The Logic behind the Magic` and will be the moderator of workshop `The Rules behind Breaking Creativity Rules`.

Ravid Kuperberg is a partner and experienced structured creative thinking trainer in the field of marketing communications, working with numerous advertising agencies and brands around the world. Ravid is a former advertising professional with 14 years of experience in strategic planning and creative development. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international marketing conferences and advertising festivals.

The seminar `The Logic behind the Magic`

Participants will be talking about how can agencies and clients overcome the fear of creativity when aspiring for breakthrough innovative marketing communication ideas.

Creating and approving breakthrough creative ideas provokes fear and uncertainty. It involves risk taking and usually ignites tension between agency and client. Social media, consumer generated content, interactive-integrated ideas, which are harder to pre-test and to control, only increase the fear factor. Impairing the unlimited creative potential they offer and revealing a stressful conflict:  the need to feel safe vs. the desire to conquer unfamiliar ground. 

The Mindscapes methodology and thinking tools have a proven record of helping agencies and clients reduce the uncertainty and ambiguity while developing creative ideas, by providing a solid structured process for understanding how ideas are born and for developing new original ideas. This session will present thinking tools created by deconstructing innovative award winning ideas while decoding the recurring thinking patterns embedded them. Based on these patterns it will discuss methods for adding logic to the magic of creative thinking, thereby helping ignite a less stressful and more fruitful cooperation between agencies & clients.

Value for participants:

  • Gain new insights regarding the creative patterns behind the most creative recent campaigns in the field of Interactive & Integrated communication.
  • Acquire a practical method and common ground for agency and client to develop innovative creative thinking.
  • Learn a structured process for developing and presenting creative ideas, demonstrating their rational and potential. 


The workshop `The Rules behind Breaking Creativity Rules`

Ravid will be talking about translating recurring thinking patterns embedded in award winning creative ideas into powerful structured creative thinking tools.

This session will reveal recurring thinking patterns found in integrated & interactive award winning campaigns from recent years. It will then present practical thinking tools based on these patterns, which can help direct the mind into specific thinking paths and prisms, to create new original ideas using a structured thinking process.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Experiencing a structured process for stimulating new creative ideas in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Acquiring practical thinking tools to lead teams in the process of ideation and creation of new concepts and campaigns integrated-interactive marketing communications.
  • Gaining new insights about creative thinking patterns identified in recent successful integrated & interactive advertising campaigns. While understanding key success factors embedded in them.


It`s important to note, that the seminar is available for each Ad Black Sea 2017 delegate, while the workshop is a limited event for 20 persons only. Rules for registration for the workshop will be announced separately. Follow news, do not miss the opportunity to participate in all events.

Ad Black Sea schedule is constantly updating, so follow the festival`s website.

Find new partners, profitable connections and establish intra-market communication on Ad Black Sea 2017.  Be a part of the third international ad festival Ad Black Sea held in Batumi, Georgia on September 21-23.

If you want to participate in the seminar program, please pass online registration on the website, which is open until September 11. If you have any questions, please contact organization committee festival@vrk.org.ua, Kate Grabovska.

See you on the Black Sea coast on September 21-23! 

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