Christo Kaftandjiev, Professor, Ph.D. of KazHLIU University/Sofia University, Kazakhstan/Bulgaria will perform on the third international festival Ad Black Sea 2017 with the speech `Copy/Paste Ad Criminals or Highly Inspired Intertextual Admen`. He will analyze in attractive and multimedia form the criminal practices of copy/paste in advertising and compare them with the sublime and postmodern communicative strategy of intertextuality.


Some criminal admen constantly steal ideas from their inspired colleagues. That's why advertising prisons are full of admen serving severe life sentences for copy/paste thefts — the most disgusting crime in the creative ad world. Copy/paste in advertising is a real epidemic and it actively affects various communicative approaches — those of visual stylistic figures (comparisons, metaphors, metonymies, hyperboles, personifications, etc.); the various elements of ad narratives (heroes, villains, beauties, helpers and their actions); ads, based on different appeals (such as power, sex, health, economy, creativity, etc.); ads for various goods and services; ads for different consumer groups, etc.


That is exactly what we are going to talk about in the second part of my presentation.  Sublime, noble and postmodern intertextuality. Numerous examples of the innocent ways to borrow creative ideas based on communicative ad approaches of parody, allusion, etc. are analyzed here.

Christo Kaftandjiev is a professor, Ph.D. and Doctor Habilis on advertising, semiotics and marketing communications in Faculty of Journalism, Sofia and in Tomsk University. He specialized in Holland (CITO Institute); UK (Westminster University); Ireland (Dublin Institute of Technology) and in Moscow (Moscow State University). Kaftandjiev is vice dean of Faculty of Journalism, Sofia University, Bulgaria and Chair of Communication, PR and Advertising Department of Faculty. At the moment Kaftandjiev is vice rector on international relationships in Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University, Kazakhstan. Christo is an author of many scientific articles and 9 books. He was invited as a speaker in 3 world congresses of IAA (International Advertising Association) – in Mexico, Egypt, and Lebanon; two world congresses of semiotics – in Germany and Mexico and in many seminars, advertising festivals, business seminars and specialized trade shows. From 1997 he is honorary professor and he is awarded with academic world star of International Academy of the Authorised Education, US. He was selected for at the same year in the International Board of Judges & Advisors in one of the most prestigious ad festivals — The New York Festivals. He was member of the Board of Superbrands and Digital Communication Awards, Germany.

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